Saturday, February 17, 2007

Zombie Dance Dance Revolution

From Torontoist:
"Thriller" is having a moment. Last October, we reported the story of Thrill Toronto’s attempt to set the first Guinness World Record for Largest Thriller Dance (see the video at right) by recreating the choreography from Micheal Jackson's video classic. Then there was the much blogged Thriller Wedding Dance on YouTube, a Bollywood-style version and reports from London and New York of fitness classes that use M.J.'s zombified moves as a 13 minute workout.

Now the ghoul kids from Thrill Toronto are back with plans to Thrill the World. The plan is to stage a simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with thousands of dancers in over 100 cities on October 27, 2007. "Everyone asks why 'Thriller,' " says choreographer Ines Markeljevic, the driving force behind Thrill The World. “But everybody knows it and it’s very easy to learn." And the main purpose for the event is, simply, to get more people dancing.



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