Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kojima's Version of a Zombie Apocalypse

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From MMORPG Blog:
GamesRadar alerts folks that in a recent interview with Edge magazine, the legendary Hideo Kojima, head of super-studio Kojima Productions, revealed his unlikely and unhinged vision for a zombie-themed game. According to Kojima, he's "less interested in the idea of the living dead than the fact you can turn people just by biting them." So much is his focus on "turning" people, that he even considers implementing his take on zombie-apocalypse in a massively-multiplayer online environment.

He explains:

Imagine a large town where half the inhabitants are zombies. Users would subscribe, get inside the town and get bitten. At that stage they become undead and can't control their character - all they can do is modify the camera angles.

...They'd see their character attacking humans and have to pay just to watch! ...The only way they could end it is by opening another account, hunting themselves down and killing themselves. Of course, the problem is that your second character can get bitten as well.

Not getting to control your character if you get turned? Having to hunt your former "self" and kill it (if it got zombified it's an "it" now), just to progress the game? Get bombarded by cinematics of mindless zombies? All too silly? Well, despite Kojima's own reservations about his over-the-top and unlikely Zombie-MMO, he says that he won't rule the idea out. GamesRadar reports that should he feel that the moment is opportune, he will "take some time to prepare. Very seriously."

Well, the cinematic aspect of the whole thing is trademark Kojima.


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