Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dutch Zombies: Horizonica

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From the official site:
Jenny, a young woman, seems to run through the forest aimlessly. A passing car stops and its driver helps her. The girl is pretty beaten up and speechless...

Then the story leaps back in time. In light of their initiation, two groups of sophomore students are dropped in the forest. Among them is Jenny. With a minimum of supplies they have to find their way back to the civilized world. What they don't know is that a strange disease is being spread in this civilized world. Not just a common 'flu, but a terrible virus that's infecting everyone in a rapid pace. A side effect is that it enleashes all evil in human beings.
The students are facing hardships as well; slowly they start to realize what's going on and what started as an innocent adventure seems to end in a horrifying nightmare.
Click here for the trailer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the movie 2 oktober on a festival in Utrecht. Very weird but great movie! And Troma king Lloyd Kaufman is in house!

22 October, 2006  

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