Friday, October 06, 2006

Bitten! A Zombie Rock Odyssey

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From The Austin Chronicle:
Dougherty Arts Center, through Oct. 14; Arts on Real, Nov. 2-8

This show is impressively bad, but it's got one hell of a soundtrack.

Several days after seeing Bitten!, an original rock musical written by the Unbearables (a band) and produced in conjunction with Loaded Gun Theory (a theatre company), I am still singing the songs. Still chuckling over some of the ideas. Though ridiculously simplistic, they were excellent fodder for the stage. A zombie lover sings to his girl, "Though I am now undead, my feelings are still true/When I'm not thinking about brains, I'm thinking about you." A church group, excited to see the zombies, sings, "Hip-hip-hooray/Three cheers for Judgment Day." The aliens, though I couldn't understand a word they said, were doing some funny geometric dancing.



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