Monday, October 02, 2006

Words on World War Z

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From ContraCosta Times:
BACK IN THE DAY, when I had a job reviewing rock 'n' roll, I used to periodically get promotional packets with such goodies as guitar pins, CD case openers, notepads and even whistles. The sci-fi gig doesn't deliver nearly the freebie package, so when a publisher sent out a bunch of stuff with Max Brooks' "World War Z" (Crown, $24.95, 342 pages), I was impressed.

In fact, I was impressed enough to forgo my usual boycott of the horror genre to give this zombie book a shot. If I hadn't enjoyed those rock 'n' roll days quite so much, I might have remembered that usually the quality of the album was in inverse proportion to the amount of promotional material, and sadly, the same holds true here.


From TCS Daily:

The latest and greatest blend of zombie and doomsday is Max Brooks' wildly entertaining World War Z, which purports to be an oral history of mankind's war against zombies. Set a few years in the future, Brooks depicts a world in which a mysterious plague rises out of China (perhaps due to the deliberate flooding of a holy city?) and soon spreads to every corner of the world, borne on a wave of totalitarian dishonesty, human desperation, and Western indifference. The plague causes the infected to die and reanimate as nigh-indestructible zombies ("Zack," as the survivors call them), seeking to eat the flesh of the living.


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