Thursday, September 28, 2006

Soldiers of the Dead

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From Fango:
...what can readers expect from SOLDIERS OF THE DEAD? “A kick-ass military horror-actioner,” says Fusco, “with all the inherent characteristics of a siege film. A group of highly trained soldiers must find ways to repel the relentless attacks of a seemingly unstoppable enemy, while trying to find a means of escape.” More specifically, the comic is set in 1994 Haiti, where a squad of Green Berets sent on a PREDATOR-esque rescue mission to find a missing team encounter the secretive Bizango Voodoo sect. “[They are] feared for their practice of the dark arts, using zombification as a means of control of anyone who disturbs them,” says the writer. “Overrun, the Green Berets are forced to seek shelter down inside the villagers’ communal burial crypt. Here the dead are risen—not virally, but spiritually, which means ‘head shots’ don’t count. The soldiers must then try and find a way out through a labyrinth of passages while under siege by the creatures.”


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