Tuesday, September 26, 2006

House of Re-Animator Details

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
Dread Central got in touch with Brian Yuzna who tells them, "We are working on getting the script to House of Re-Animator. Halcyon is organizing the financing and presales."

He goes on to state that while we’ve only been hearing about the idea of Herbert West in the White House for a few years now, it’s actually much older than that; "The idea for West in the White House began as the concept for the first sequel, Bride of Re-Animator." he explained. "It took place during the Reagan years and picked up directly where the first movie left off and include a re-animated Meg. In the past few years Stuart Gordon has gotten very enthusiastic about the House idea and he and Dennis Paoli came up with a completely different version, which is funny and outrageous as well as being pretty gory."

Though most fans enjoyed the last film, Beyond Re-Animator, for it’s over-the-top gore and somewhat ridiculous situations, one thing was noticeably absent; the presence of West’s long-suffering sidekick, Dan Cain. "House incorporates what to me is the most important element of a further Re-Animator story, which is resolving the conflict between Dan Cain and Herbert West," he continued. "Bruce Abbott has been very supportive and I think he might enjoy having Cain go mano a mano with West."


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