Wednesday, September 13, 2006

People Dig on Fido

From cinematical:
I had two highly anticipated screenings tonight. The first was Fido, better known around TIFF as "you know, that Canadian zombie flick that's kinda like Shaun of the Dead." The film, which stars Carrie-Anne Moss and Billy Connolly, is a fable about a tiny town permastuck in the 1950s. Space dust fell onto earth years back, causing all the dead to rise, becoming hungry, flesh-eating zombies, until Zomcom came along and invented a zombie collar that makes the zombies placid and obedient. The zombies have become a slave-worker class, doing all the crap work no one else wants to do. Full review to come on this one, but it was sure a crowd pleaser at its premiere. The audience was laughing so hard around me I almost missed some lines a few times, and at the end there was much whooping and hollering.
Another article:

FIDO resurrects zombie genre in Canadian film


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