Friday, September 08, 2006

Papuwa: Zombie Samba

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From Krazy Gamers:
If you enjoyed the first volume of Papuwa, then you will be happy to know that the next volume will be heading to stores within a month. On October 3, ADV Films will be releasing Papuwa: Zombie Samba. Its Volume 2 of a six series set that has gotten rave reviews on its hilarity.

You can read up more on Papuwa: Zombie Samba below with the included description:

There goes the neighborhood! The crazy creatures on Papuwa Island are preparing for the annual Obon festival, where their undead ancestors return to life for a giant zombie dance party. Unfortunately, Liquid’s old war buddies, the Special Battle Unit, have come to crash the party, kidnap Kotaro and send everyone’s grandparents back to their graves. If that wasn’t enough, The Ganma Army has sent reinforcements to reclaim their boss’ son -- even if it means restoring his memories and destroying Papuwa Island. Plus, the dastardly Shinsengumi have show up and aim at nothing short of Kotaro’s demise. Island life with never be the same for Papuwa and his friends. Zombies, samurai and towering bearded women await in the second, side-splitting volume of Papuwa.


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