Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Zombie Scholarship

From ZD Net:
These days, physicists are often looking at scientific inconsistencies associated with strange creatures appearing in the movies. As an example, in 'Physics proves horror movies get it wrong,' ABC Science Online reports that some researchers have searched if ghosts, vampires and zombies could be more than Hollywood fantasy. Their conclusion is pretty straightforward. The idea of ghosts and vampires is inconsistent and contradictory with simple maths and physics. And the idea of zombies, if it relies on real cases, is simply a misrepresentation of criminal acts.

For more information about zombies and 'zombiefication,' a crime in Haiti equivalent to murder, you should read this technical paper, "Ghosts, Vampires and Zombies: Cinema Fiction vs Physics Reality." Here are two links to the abstract and to the full paper (PDF format, 11 pages, 293 KB, August 5, 2006).

Zombies are on Page 7.


Blogger Mary said...

I've always believed in Ghosts, and I think there has to be some truth to Zombies and vampires...somewhere. Zombies were in Haiti along time before we knew about it.

06 September, 2006  

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