Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Win Free Copy of Down the Road

From Creature Corner:
We had a great response to the contest for Permuted Press' Twilight of the Dead- so they were kind enough to host another book giveaway for us.

The book this time is another zombie novel entitled Down the Road. Written by Bowie Ibarra, it tells the story of a man whose life gets a little more complicated because of zombies....and FEMA.

George Zaragoza just wanted to go to work and teach. But now he must face a horrific new reality: reanimated corpses attacking and devouring the living, federal agencies and military run amok, and an unpredictable civilian population surviving on their own terms.

Southbound I-35 was once the road he took to work. Now it is a bloody trail of bodies, wreckage, and woe standing in George's way. But before George can get home, he must come face to face with a ghost from his past, a vicious truth that could prove to be his undoing.

Can George survive the obstacles on southbound I-35, FEMA and Homeland Security, and the army of flesh-eating zombies on the verge of exterminating humanity as he travels down the road?

We've got 2 copies for you lucky bastards- who only have to answer this simple question-

Zombies attack! You've got to get out of your home- fast. What's the one thing you grab and where do you head?

Send your answers HERE with your full name and mailing address. Good luck!

For more info on the book (including an excerpt) check out its official site.


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