Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hellgate: London

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From PC News:
If ever there was a game that will draw gasps of recognition from those who have to commute to work in the capital every day, it's Namco-Bandai's Hellgate: London. Except that you're more likely to encounter office zombies than the fire-spurting demons featured in the game. Still, if you've just fought the hordes to reach your desk in a stressed state, these spanking new screenshots might afford some consolation.

One thing they demonstrate about the Flagship-developed action-RPG is the shield system, which allows players to deflect those flaming demon attacks. Meanwhile, it has emerged that a company called Online Game Services Inc (OGSi) will take care of Hellgate: London's online game hosting. As yet, the game has no firm release date, beyond a rather nebulous "2007".


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