Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Resident Evil 4 News

From MoviesOnline:
Recently, IGN did some investigating into the rumors regarding "Resident Evil 4." The possible involvement of Ackles in the project was initially reported by Moviehole.net and subsequently by SciFiWire. IGN has stated they have learned via contacting Ackles representatives that they are unaware of any such association between the "Supernatural" star and a potential fourth "Resident Evil" film. However, I do have a correction to make. Apologies, but the title is as of yet unknown and is not in any way confirmed to be "Afterlife."

Otherwise, how Ackles' name first became connected to the project at all may just be wishful thinking or a perceived resemblance, as both fans of the star and game have made such observations (prior to this rumor getting off the ground) regarding similarities between Ackles' other characters and the character of Leon Kennedy. Though this will most likely end up another wild casting rumor as is so common in Hollywood, I still hold that Ackles would be an ideal contender for the role.


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