Thursday, September 28, 2006

No Zombie Rats for VooDoo Vince

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From Kotaku:

Ton of Clay is the blog of gamedev Clayton Kauzlaric, creator of Voodoo Vince and Total Annihilation. It's been up since August, but I've just today had my attention drawn to it by friend Stickypig, a firm admirer of Vince.

As with most gamedev blogs, this one deals mostly with the trials and tribulations of birthing a game at all, and specifically with the artist's darlings that ended up cut and mourned:

Ah, flaming zombie rats. We hardly knew ye. These were probably my favorite concept among the first generation of monsters we created for Voodoo Vince. They sort of floated around the French Quarter moaning and farting little fireballs. They were eventually cut and replaced with the Bomber Beetles. They were charming, in a bizarre sort of way, but were too lackluster and sad once we saw them in action.

Also cut was a zombie riverboat, complete with undead salty captain.



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