Friday, October 06, 2006

Groundbreaking Zombie Magazine Gets Resurrected

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In the early '70s, the Comics Code Authority had finally relaxed its restrictions on what was considered acceptable fare to impressionable young readers. Yet there still were limitations on what could and couldn't be portrayed on the four-color page.

Marvel Comics decided to experiment with a new black and white magazine format that catered to an older reader. Titles such as "Savage Tales," "Vampire Tales," "Dracula Lives" and "Monsters Unleashed," hit newsstands across the country. Since these mags were printed in magazine size, they didn't have to adhere to Comics Code restrictions. Blood flowed a little more freely and villains often peppered their talk with "hells" and "damns." And every so often the reader was exposed to a brief glimpse of female nudity. Obviously the books were still geared towards the hormonal teenage male reader.

Marvel has just reprinted all 10 issues of its black and white "Tales of the Zombie" magazine in one collectible trade paperback as part of their "Essential" series.


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