Monday, May 01, 2006

Dead Sea

More Zombies from Brian Keene

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Mr. Keene is frequently good enough to take time out of his busy writing schedule (that sounds as if it recently got busier) to post of the boards. Here's what he had to say over at All Things Zombie:
I got the idea for DEAD SEA about six months ago. Filed it away in the back of my head. Figured I'd write it in a few years.

Although that interview just went live yesterday, I actually gave it about two months ago. At that point, the plan was still to write DEAD SEA in a few years.

Two weeks ago, I went to New York and had lunch with my publisher and talked business and plans, etc. They'd like to start featuring two paperbacks by me per year, instead of one per year as they do now. GHOULS was already scheduled for release in February 2007. They needed another book for August 2007.

I thought about the five or six different books I currently had in my head, and decided DEAD SEA was the best fit. For the book to come out in August of 2007, that meant I'd have to turn in a manuscript by August 2006---only four months away. That's not a l,ot of time to write a novel---but in the case of DEAD SEA, I had the entire thing plotted out, and it's very fast-paced (even moreso than THE RISING or CITY OF THE DEAD), so it made sense to pitch that one next.

My publisher agreed.

So, long story short:

THE CONQUEROR WORMS: Out now. Post-apocalyptic novel about giant, man-eating worms and Lovecraftian monsters. If you enjoyed TREMORS or WATERWORLD, you'll enjoy it. No zombies, however.

GHOULS: Out in February 2007. A coming-of-age story, set in the 80's. If you like IT or PHANTASM, you'll enjoy this. No zombies, but a monster that's equally nasty.

DEAD SEA: Out in August 2007. The title may very well change, so don't get attached to it. Zombies, zombies, zombies--however, it is not set in the world of THE RISING or CITY OF THE DEAD. It does indeed feature 'traditional' zombies (slow-moving, brainless, etc.).
There's nothing really up at his site at the moment, but I'd say we should expect more as he approaches the finishing line. Go, Brian, go!

In the meantime, if you haven't read The Rising and City of the Dead, I suggest doing so. Also pick up his latest, The Conqueror Worms--though not zombie, it's bound to be good horror reading!


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