Saturday, January 27, 2007

Interview with "American Zombie" director, Grace Lee

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From Rotten Tomatoes:
Tim Ryan writes: "Director Grace Lee's first film, "The Grace Lee Project," was an exploration of identity that asked the question, "What's in a name?" In her latest, "American Zombie," she looks at identity through a different lens: that of the living dead.

"American Zombie," making its world premiere at Slamdance, tells the intriguing story of two filmmakers who team up to document a community of "high-functioning" zombies in Los Angeles. It begins as a study of a population, but turns increasingly dark as the filmmakers' prejudices and fears are tested. "American Zombie" is by no means your typical horror show; it's got its share of morbid laughs and social commentary. Lee talked with Rotten Tomatoes about the appeal of zombies, making and the communal spirit of Slamdance.
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