Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Die and Let Live

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From Fango:

Director Justin (RAISING THE STAKES) Channell got in touch with the heads-up that a trailer for his new zombie opus DIE AND LET LIVE recently went on-line at the movie’s MySpace page. Channell describes his new project as “a satire on high-school relationships combined with RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE SANDLOT. For the most part, the comedy comes before the horror elements, though there’s a lot of good gory stuff, as you can see in the trailer.”

The synopsis goes like this: “Hopeless romantic Benny Rodriguez [Josh Lively] throws a party with the help of his friend Smalls [Zane Crosby] to help woo his crush [Sarah Bauer], who is fresh out of a bad relationship with the town sexual conquistador, Andrew Kaegan [Jonas Dixon]. However, a breakout of test subjects at a nearby medical testing facility who have been exposed to an experimental virus that kills and revives the living soon leads into the party, leaving Benny, Smalls and their friends struggling to escape with their lives.” Also appearing are Troma veterans Trent (TERROR FIRMER) Haaga and the company’s president Lloyd Kaufman.


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