Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Volume 2 Project

From the Homepage of the Dead forums:
Can you help?

Some fine folk at the forums are embarking on a project sure to make any DAWN OF THE DEAD fan giddy with delight:

A companion set to Anchor Bay's DAWN OF THE DEAD Ultimate Edition DVD set, featuring just about every noteworthy DAWN-related article that didn't make it into the greatest DVD release of all time.

They're on the look out for video, audio and text that'll enrich the DAWN viewing experience and they need our help. To read about the project's genesis and ongoing development, click here.

They've also thrown down the gauntlet and challenged anyone to produce DAWN OF THE DEAD: ULTIMATE CUT ...a composite of all known DAWN footage, sure to be the most prized item in any DAWN fan's collection.

Just to get you excited, here's a very early mock-up of the artwork:

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So, if you have anything to contribute, don't hesitate to help these guys out. This will only be done once and I'm sure everyone would like it done right so suggestions and requests are welcome.

This is a non-profit fan project that, once complete, will be made freely available to all.

So, hurry and do your shopping!


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