Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day of the Dead Remake – MegaSpoilers

From Bloody-Disgusting:
I've seen spoilers in my days, I mean we posted a picture of Freddy decapitated on the first week of shooting Freddy vs Jason, but this is one helluva a scoop. It's nothing visual, but I will tell you that it will really, really piss some of you off. Where are my thoughts on this "new" zombie in the Day of the Dead remake? Don't know just yet, let us just see how the film develops first, I did enjoy the Dawn of the Dead remake. Read on for the skinny on a zombie named "Bud", who will be played by Stark Sands.

B-D reader 'intotheblue1980' points us to Stark Sands' official website where he writes this mega spoiler blog:
Time for a long-overdue update. I have some exciting news, that I have been biting my tongue about to stay on the safe side.

I recently arrived in Bulgaria to shoot a horror film called Day of the Dead. It is a remake of a classic film by the master of the genre, George Romero. I was offered the role weeks ago, but I decided to keep it to myself until I actually started shooting, because I have already experienced what its like to have a film fall apart a day before it begins. Not this time, though. So here I am in BULGARIA. What?!

This is a weird place. It's unlike any country I've ever been to, because they have a different alphabet than most of the world. Looks like Russian, if you've ever seen it. So I can't read anything, and I can't phonetically spell anything, either, which is a first. Getting around on my own without a driver would be a nightmare, also because Bulgarians don't have to pass a driving test to get a license. Just got to fork over some cash, and you are an official driver. It makes for some pretty harrowing situations in the cabs. They also don't believe in seatbelts. Don't get me started on that.

The film is a typical zombie movie-- virus infects town, people start biting each other, virus spreads by the bites, and a handful of survivors try to make it out of town alive. In this one, the military is brought in to enforce a quarantine on the small town of Leadville, CO, because of the mysterious virus. Once they realize the virus eventually makes people start ravenously attacking each other, it's too late... EXCEPT for a few. The principal characters are Sarah Cross (Mena Suvari)-- a tough young army corporal; Salazar (Nick Cannon)-- a sharp tongued army badass; Bud Crain (me)-- a freshly scrubbed young private seeing his first real action; their Captain Rhodes (Ving Rhames); and Sarah's younger brother and his girlfriend (Michael Welch & Annalynne McCord). I have a fantastic part in this one. I am a nervous, vegetarian private who is sweet on Mena's character from the beginning. I've never seen combat before, but as soon as people start changing I get to kick some serious zombie ass. About halfway through the film, I am bitten on the wrist, and after pouring bleach on the wound in an attempt to clean it, Mena handcuffs me to the backseat of the Hummer we are traveling in, in case I change. When she and Nick return from the gun store they are looting, I have become a zombie, but they notice that I'm not trying to eat them (I have the distinction of being the first ever vegetarian zombie), so they keep me around. I also seem to retain some of my former self, so if I start to wander off they just bark some military orders at me (Atten-HUT, about-FACE, etc) and I do a zombie version of the order. Without giving too much away (emphasis mine), I end up saving the day at the end of the film, so I am loving this job. Wait till you see the zombie make-up they have me in, it's amazing. Our make-up team just came off of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3. They are phenomenal.

So I will be here in Sofia, Bulgaria, for 6 weeks, working pretty much every day. We are 10 hours ahead of LA time here, so the jet lag was pretty rough. Everyone has been great to work with, we are all getting along well. I just got back from golfing with Nick, his friend Kase, and the director Steve Miner. I'm off to go watch the original Day of the Dead up in my room now, so I can see what exactly we are re-making. If anyone out there has any tips on Bulgaria, let me know. This place is pretty intimidating. I will try to get clearance to post some pics of me in zombie mode here on the site... You won't believe how good this is going to look.

Sucks about the spoilers, but yahoo on the first Veggie zombie!


Anonymous Casey C said...

Gah! Nick Cannon and Mena Suvari? And a vegetarian zombie.

I'm scared now.

29 August, 2006  
Blogger BEP said...

Hey! It's about time we vegetarians are represented in zombie cinema! ;)

29 August, 2006  

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