Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dead West

From Fango:
On the cusp of some exciting release news regarding his debut horror feature HATCHET, and in the midst of casting a forthcoming comedy, writer/director Adam Green has informed Fangoria that his next venture into horror will be DEAD WEST. Stephen L'Heureux is producing under his Solipsist Films banner (currently in preproduction on LOST SOULS director Janusz Kaminski's WWII drama WHITE ROSE).

This time, Green will be shifting away from the swampy environs of HATCHET and splashing the red against an Old West backdrop. Based on the 2005 graphic novel of the same name by Rick Spears and Rob G., WEST concerns a bounty hunter who happens upon the cursed town of Lazarus, a plot of land that was once an Indian village but was laid to waste during westward expansion. This settlement soon lives up to its name when its former inhabitants rise from the dead to exact revenge on the "white man" who put 'em six feet under.


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