Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rodriguez and Tarantino Talk Zombies

Rodriguez and Tarantino
Talk Zombies, er, Infected People

Robert, tell me about your film.

RODRIGUEZ: Mine's a zombie movie called Planet Terror. It feels like a John Carpenter movie that took place between Escape From New York and The Thing. I wanted to do a zombie script a while back because there hadn't been any good zombie movies in a while. I got about 30 pages into it, and then all these zombie movies came out. So I thought, Well, I don't have to make them zombies — there could be other reasons why they're like this. They're infected people. Quentin, what's that story?

TARANTINO: There was this Umberto Lenzi zombie movie in the '70s called Nightmare City, and a while ago some friends of mine were going to meet him in Rome, and I told them to tell him how much I loved Nightmare City. And they told him. And he goes, ''Zombies? What's theees zombies? They're infected people!''


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