Thursday, June 22, 2006

Human Residue Updates!

From Official Site:
Here are some examples of some 'behind the scenes' work that goes into the design of the Human Residue world. Concept art by Gareth Brough ( and Jaimie Lloyd-Anderson.

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Also, a list of updates:

-Full length trailer released:
It's been selected for the final of the Frozen Moon International Trailer competition and it's now at last been released on our website.
-Shooting schedule:
We've been pushing on fast with production over the past month with several new co-producers joining the fray Katy Roberts, Emma Wilson, Chris Roberts and Tanya Laird to get the final pre-production rush sorted out ready to start filming on the 1st of July.
-Horror Channel short:
This week we've also just completed a suprise short film! This is another project which some of you may have heard about. We decided to enter a competition organised by The Horror Channel (Sky) for 2 minute horror shorts, so we entered our short The Machine, and Adrian and I also edited together a zombie short based on some of the first ever test scenes shot last year. The 2 minute film is now up on our forum for you to enjoy.
-The Machine screening:
Monday 26th June, City Screen Bar, York. 8pm, £3 on the door. see you there!
-Fundraiser Event: Dusk of the Dead:
In a last chance bid to raise a bit of extra funding to cover our set building and production costs we've organised a fundraiser party for this friday (tomorrow). At Dusk bar in York from 8pm-late we'll be celebrating on a zombie movie tribute theme. Basically this is your chance to dress up as a zombie, enjoy a night of mayhem with the cast and crew plus help raise funds for Human Residue! So do come along down. Friday 23rd June. 8pm - late. Dusk.
-Help raise funds for Residue:
I've just discovered a brilliant new website called It lets you upload a video and raise money for everyone who watches it! So I thought this would be a great way to raise some of that finance we still desperately need. You can help! If everyone could click the link below, watch the short teaser and then click the advert at the end, every click will raise half a dollar for the production! Here's the link: Don't forget to click the ad at the end, and tell all your friends!!!
Hats off to these guys for being driven and inventive in securing their funds. Kudos!

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