Friday, June 02, 2006


Hi folks,

So, I'm back from Canada, but I leave again for another week to Azerbaijan on the 10th. This is just a note to let everyone know where things are at the moment.

Before I leave, I have to design a zombie related survey for a paper I am writing (and subsequently delivering in September). It's more complicated than you'd think--in fact, I just got back from a meeting with a psychologist friend who designs sociological surveys for a living. I have to have that together, up, and out there for people to fill out before I leave (so that it can hopefully generate data while I'm gone--I'll be pushing it more actively when I get back). You guys will be hearing about that soon, as I'm hoping--no, I'm begging--you to fill it out. I'll really need the data.

Additionally, I don't know if you've noticed or not, but my zombie title list somehow went to shit. It suddenly disappears somewhere in the M's. Um...that's a whole lot of work putting that back up. That'll be taking up some serious time--it's frustrating, as I was actually looking forward to merely updating and adding titles to the list I already had, not doing the whole thing over again. Oh well...what the hell...

I also need to be getting ready for the trip, I have books to read and films to watch for review. Sadly, the news updates are going to have to take a backseat to this for a little bit, once again. I return from my trip on the 18th--after that, I will do my best to update the news regularly (once I'm able to get more into a routine), but until then, I'll be working on this survey, working on getting the title list back together, and whatever other shit I have to do.

We'll get back to normal sooner or later. I hope you'll have patience and stick with me on this!



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