Monday, May 08, 2006

Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead

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This is just a note to clear up some possible misinformation that was floating about out there. I know that some of you had tried to order Book of the Dead, but were told that it was out-of-print. Well, that was true...apparently, it sold so well, they ran right out of the first printing, much to the surprise and delight of the FAB Press folks. But that was only temporary! It's up and out again, so do pick it up. I've been slowly working by way through it (I also go to school, so pleasure reading outside of classwork is tough), and so far, I have to say this is a gem. You can't call yourself a massive zombie fan and not own this book. The semester's almost up for me, and I plan on getting not only a review out, but also an interview with the author, Jamie Russell, as soon as humanly possible. So, there's a little heads up from me to you. Scoop this puppy up! You Brits might want to grab it straight from FAB, right here.


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