Friday, May 05, 2006

Last Rites of the Dead Trailer

Last Rites of the Dead Trailer Online

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Jay Gaussoin, a member of Solstice's Army

From Fango:

Frank Garfi of New York-based Insane-O-Rama Productions sent over word that a new trailer for the gang's zombie movie LAST RITES OF THE DEAD has been posted here. Check it out, this brief preview has enough ghoul action and splatter for five movies! LAST RITES OF THE DEAD, which we last reported on here, was written and directed by Marc Fratto and produced by Fratto, Andrew Dantonio, Brandi Metaxas and Garfi, who also gave Fango an updated plot synopsis:

Meet Angela [Gina Ramsden]. She is the perfect neighbor. She is quiet, young, pretty and keeps to herself. But Angela is different. Very different, she is dead.

And she isn�t the only one. All over the world, the recently deceased are returning to life. But these are not brain-dead zombies. They are organized, intelligent and crave the flesh of the living. As Angela struggles to suppress her new appetites, she joins an undead self-help group and covers her rotting flesh with zombie cosmetics.

Meanwhile, a crazed cult of undead terrorists and a militia of brutal zombie-hunting humans fight for dominance in the shadow of the apocalypse. As the war between the living and the dead draws close, Angela finds herself unwittingly caught in the middle, fighting for her existence!


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