Monday, May 08, 2006

The Faith of Legacy

Not Zombies, But Fantasy: The Faith of Legacy

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No, it's not zombie-related, but it is the first novel of friend and contributor, Brandon Begley (aka !Vision!). If you count the fantasy genre among your many varied tastes, you should check this out! Here's a description:
Drastic changes have come to Savitar's young life. Not only has he learned that he is the first person born with all forms of magic but he may be the one prophesized as the Fireheart, a warrior destined to rid the world of all evil. Soon demigods, both good and malevolent, are vying for his allegiance or his destruction. Much is lain on the young lad although much is absorbed into his growing self-approval, but Savitar may find that his preservation can better be found in those that care about him than can be found in magic.
You can grab a copy at Lulu. Let's hear it for our very own !Vision! for getting his work out there!


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