Monday, March 27, 2006

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Lovecraft's Reanimator:
The Foretelling of a Sub-Genre.

A little bit ago, I mentioned that I had become a contributer over at The Zombie Blog. Well, I was working on a little something to post there and finally got to finish and put it up this weekend. Here's a snippet:
The Herbert West – Reanimator stories were originally published in 1922, in Homebrew magazine, under the title of “Grewsome Tales.” Seabrook’s The Magic Island was still seven years away from introducing the Haitian zombie to Hollywood in 1929, and White Zombie was still ten years away from introducing this same zombie type to filmic audiences. This is extremely interesting in the sense that, I believe, after reading Lovecraft’s undead contribution, these six stories indeed encapsulate the entire history of the zombie film sub-genre—from their humble beginnings right up to the very present. They even usurp Mr. Romero of the much-claimed title of the man who introduced cannibalism to the zombie mythos.
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