Monday, March 27, 2006

Undead NYT

Zombies in the New York Times

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Featuring Monica Kuebler, Max Brooks, Brian Keene and more. From the NYT:

ONCE again, they're everywhere.

Roaming the streets in business suits, blood dripping from their chins. Ducking through the city's parks, dodging bullets fired by the invading army of Somali schoolgirls. Rampaging through an experimental women's prison. Clawing their way out of graves, on a murderous march to reunite with the Deathbringer.

And so forth.

We're talking of course about zombies. If you haven't been paying attention — and if you haven't been paying attention, heaven help you — zombies are back. In films, books and video games, the undead are once again on the march, elbowing past werewolves, vampires, swamp things and mummies to become the post-millennial ghoul of the moment. And while you may yet be unaware of the zombielike proliferation of zombie stuff, horror fans speak of the zombie craze as a fact of life, the way the rest of us talk about $3 gasoline.


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