Monday, March 27, 2006

Black Sheep

Black Sheep

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Finally, more on Black Sheep. From Fango:

We last reported here on BLACK SHEEP, a bloody, wild and woolly tale of nature run amok that has been creating bales of interest ever since it was announced toward the end of 2005. The ad line says it all "There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand, and they're pissed off" though a press release adds, "On a vast sheep station, a reckless genetic engineering experiment goes horribly wrong, turning sheep into bloodthirsty killers." Even before BLACK SHEEP started shooting in Wellington, New Zealand March 6, Mel Gibson's Icon Film Distribution had snapped up the theatrical rights for Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Financed by the triumvirate of the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ On Air and the Korean-based Daesung Group, BLACK SHEEP is the feature debut of writer/director and Fangoria enthusiast Jonathan King.

Fango corralled SHEEP's busy producer Philippa Campbell long enough for her to obligingly supply a few insights into the project. "BLACK SHEEP is a combo of comedy and horror, real scares with a twist of comedy. The film is good-hearted, but it also plays with real contemporary anxieties. [It has] a distinctive voice that comes at our New Zealand tradition of "cinema of unease" in a new way."


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