Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Zombie Related "Art"

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Usually around this time of year the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey mounts a show called "First Look Emerging Artists," often a big, sprawling exhibit of many media and more philosophical disciplines than any single person can keep in mind at one time. This year's "First Look," the first in its newly expanded exhibition gallery, is much smaller than that, just 10 artists, and devoted entirely to one medium: contemporary sculpture...

Then there's Nathan Skiles' "Zombie Trap," which features a cracked tombstone made of wood, paper and styrofoam over which an elaborate, counter-weighted armature stands, dangling what appear to be a severed arm, finger and toe close to the gallery floor. The idea is, if there is a zombie there, he will reach up through the polyeurethaned floor, grab the faux severed limbs and ... well, you get the picture. So does the Sarasota, Fla.-based Skiles, since part of the trap is a tripodded camera, ready to snap the proof of zombie existence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This piece is quite good, I saw the show. Everything pictured is made of the same types of materials, including the camera. His work deals with zombies quite often I believe.

13 January, 2007  

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