Saturday, December 30, 2006

War of the Dead

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Zombies from Finland! Yay!

From Twitch:
The recent wave of genre film coming out of the Nordic countries continues with War of the Dead, a Finnish / US co-production directed by Marko Makilaakso with a dominantly English speaking cast.

In the frozen arctic forests, Captain Martin Stone is leading a finely-trained, elite platoon of American and Finnish soldiers as they attack an enemy bunker. Underestimating their enemy’s strength, they are quickly beaten back into the forest. As they try to regroup, they are suddenly attacked by the same soldiers they had just killed a few minutes earlier. Forced to flee deeper into Russian territory, they discover one of war’s most terrifying secrets and realize they have woken up a far more deadlier enemy.

Apparently this only started shooting in November but they've already got an early teaser cut together and it's looking impressive. Makilaakso clearly knows what he's doing behind the camera ...

War of the Dead Teaser (downloadable Windows Media)


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