Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out

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From Fango:
Writer/producer/actor Joshua (AUNT ROSE) Nelson gave Fango the first few photos (see more below) from his new movie EAT YOUR HEART OUT, which he first told us about here. Directed by James Tucker, the movie is about a lonely guy (Jack Dillon) who meets what he believes is the woman of his dreams (Melissa Bacelar), and then discovers her nasty habit of eating human flesh. The cast also includes Ed Avila, Richard Sargent and filmmaker/actor Alan Rowe (THE BLOOD SHED) Kelly (pictured at bottom with Nelson). “We’re currently in postproduction, and should be finished in early 2007,” Nelson tells us. “We hope to get EAT YOUR HEART OUT into as many horror film festivals as we can, especially the New York City Horror film Festival. Our last film, AUNT ROSE [recently released on DVD by Anchor Bay], taught us what we should and shouldn’t do, and believe me, this movie delivers! It’s a brutal horror film and sweet love story wrapped in one—and you can’t go wrong with a zombie prostitute running wild in New York City!” You can find out more about EAT YOUR HEART OUT at its MySpace page.


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