Monday, October 16, 2006

Pakistani Zombie Film: First Muslim Zombies!

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
Zibahkhana (Hell's Ground) might not be Pakistan's first horror movie, but it's almost certainly the first featuring midget zombies and produced by an ice cream mogul, according to Variety, which first reported on the story this evening. The film tells the story of a gang of teens heading to a rock concert whose path is blocked by a protest against polluted drinking water. Cutting around the protestors on a little-used country road, they run afoul of a family of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-style psychopaths who slaughter them with relish.
Read on for the announcement.


Anonymous dragonlady474 said...

This sounds not too bad. I wonder if it will ever be released here in the states?? If it was in the article I didn't see it.

16 October, 2006  

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