Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The PornoZombies in Ca

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From Renegade Theatre Experiment:
Take one part Rocky Horror Picture Show, one part Twilight Zone, and one part Shaun of the Dead. Mix them together and you get the World Premiere of The PornoZombies! Find out what happens when a mad scientist’s plan to bring love and happiness to us all involves reanimating the dead to make films of…well…an adult nature.



14-Jul-2006, 15-Jul-2006, 16-Jul-2006,
20-Jul-2006, 21-Jul-2006, 22-Jul-2006, 23-Jul-2006,
27-Jul-2006, 28-Jul-2006, 29-Jul-2006


Historic Hoover Theater
1635 Park Avenue
San José , CA 95126

All performances begin at 8pm except Sunday.
Sunday performances begin at 2pm.

Ticket Info:


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