Saturday, June 03, 2006


Here it is, folks, as promised.

The purpose of this survey is to find out as much about the zombie audience as possible. Although many questions might seem random and not zombie related at all, trust me, they are all thoroughly thought-out, relevent, and specifically chosen for this survey. I appreciate very much your complete, 100% honesty in these answers. I am aware that some people's answers might seem politically incorrect and what have you. You all need to know that there is no individual judging with this survey, and it is completely anonymous. I won't even know who you are--once you fill it out and submit it, you all become a bunch of numbers for me to crunch and analyze. So, don't be afraid to respond with exactly what you think.

The data collected from this survey will be used to write a paper that I will be delivering in September at the 4th Global Conference of Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil. My paper, unlike most other scholarly zombie related papers I've come across (which are few and far between), will be focusing not on the zombie films, books, games, etc., themselves, but on the sorely-overlooked audience--without whom there would be no sub-genre. The specific body of it will depend on the data I recieve!

Thank you all in advance for your time, candor, and participation. Just follow this link and click away!

Furthermore, if you know people who generally are not into zombie movies (they can be into anything else, it doesn't matter what), please urge them to take the following survey--it's exactly the same survey, but leads to another set of data, as my control group. I need some non-zombie fans to compare the zombie fans to. Here's the link:

PS...Between you and me...I'm really excited about gathering this information and writing this up. I think it'll be extremely interesting to see what it might be that makes us zombie fans tick a little. Thanks again!


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i took the survey :-)

05 June, 2006  

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